Coal Tar 5%

Topical lotion


Tarosis® lotion prevents skin itching, burning, redness, peeling associated with psoriasis and helps to treat and improve it.

Method of Use:

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Wash the affected area well before use.
  • Massage the medicine on the affected area two to three times a day, using a cotton cloth.
  • To use this product in any other way, consult your doctor.

When you use Tarosis® lotion:

  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • During the treatment period, use an emollient (or Dermin® Emollient Hand Cream) to soften the skin of the affected area.
  • After taking the medicine, keep the applied area away from sunlight.
  • If you do not get better after using this product regularly or if the condition worsens, stop the treatment and consult a doctor.
  • Keep out of the reach of children, if swallowed, immediately refer to emergency and poison control centers.
  • This medicine is for external use only. It is flammable so keep it away from fire and flame.
  • Close the lid tightly after using the medicine.
  • In case of simultaneous use with other topical drugs, inform your doctor.

Prohibited Usage:

  • Do not use for long-term use without consulting a doctor.
  • Do not use this product inside or around the rectum, genital or groin area, except after consulting a doctor. Be sure to consult your doctor if you want to use it in different areas of the body.


  • Protect from freezing
  • Store at a temperature below 30°C
  • This product is flammable, keep away from heat and flame
  • Keep out of reach of children