You must be wondering what is the difference between insect repellent spray made by Gilaranco. and insecticides available in the market and why it should not be considered as an insecticide. One of the unique features that dermin spray has which distinguishes it from other insecticides, is that it can be used on your clothes and its effect stays on them for a few days, during which, no insects will bother you and you will be protected from all kinds of insect bites.

Another feature that Dermin insect repellent spray has, which makes it not an insecticide, is its preventive feature. Insecticides available in the market are used when there is an insect in the environment, but Dermin spray can be used before the presence of insects and you can be sure that an insect won’t come close to that environment for a while. For these reasons, although it has the capability of killing insects, but it cannot be considered as an insecticide.

Most insecticides on the market are harmful to humans and therefore there are many safety recommendations on these products or in their brochures that they cannot be used on human clothes. The advantage and special feature that Dermin spray has, is that it can be sprayed on clothes and in fact this product is basically made to be sprayed on clothes so that insects can not get close to the humans.

Gilaranco company has produced insect repellent spray in volumes of 60 ml, but due to numerous requests from customers to increase the volume of this product, the company decided to produce this product in a volume of 450 ml to meet the needs of society.

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